Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Deadheads vs. Deadheaders

I went and hung out with Allison Demarest and the kids today. It was lovely, and I will post about it tomorrow when I am less exhausted...
However I did find this gem of an article. In Oakland a garden ad called for "deadheaders", which refers to people needed to lop off wilted roses. BUT guess who responded? Deadheads! In all of their tye-dyed glory. It worked out, apparently, because if anyone would like to garden it seems like hippies would. At least, these hippies do.
Another instance of something not turning out the way people expect, but working nonetheless... whether in life or gardening, it is important (and necessary!) to be flexible.

Coming tomorrow: my foray at Boise's Downtown Community Garden with children! Pictures, too! Hooray!

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