Monday, November 2, 2009


The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things...
Seriously though, folks, the time has come to start publicizing this thing. What good is a community garden program if nobody knows about it??
So here's the plan of action. I am going to attempt to organize two meetings. One will be the first meeting of the Garden Committee, which will help advise me as to where this program should go. Who would know better than the gardeners themselves what they need most? The members of this meeting will be invited personally by me.
The other meeting will, I hope, help to recruit a number of volunteers. I've been calling it the Interested Citizens meeting. Essentially, I want to gather a lot of people together, feed them a bit of food, and tell them about what I'm doing. And hopefully, they'll want to help!
But the first step is advertising. I'm in the process of making a flier, which is about finished. This Saturday I'm going to organize some volunteers to help me hang fliers up all over Boise, and hopefully I can hear from some people who are elsewhere in the Treasure Valley. The plan is to make a list of places to hang fliers, assign people certain parts of the city, tell them some about the program, and set them loose. Once again, I will have food for anyone who is willing to help me out. I also plan to put an ad in the Boise Weekly and the Idaho Statesman and whatever else I can think of...
One small glitch, besides me being only one person, is that I don't know the city of Boise very well! November marks the 4th month I have lived in this beautiful place, and I hope people who know the area better than I can help me.
If anyone in Boise or the Treasure Valley reading this would like to help hang fliers on Saturday or would like to know more about the interested citizens meeting, send me an e-mail at and I can give you the details. I could also use hints about where to put things up and where to advertise!!
Help out your fellow Boisean and your local community gardeners (and the integrity of a local food system to help feed the hungry)!

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