Monday, August 3, 2009

Because I get tired of text all the time, here's another picture I took. Idaho is pretty!

To further my animal research, I have been looking up all sorts of information about goats today. I'm not sure if this information will become moot... I have a feeling the city of Boise doesn't allow residents to have goats as pets. It seems like most cities don't allow this, however in Seattle, they do! But if there is, say, a farmer that has land to offer, then maybe goats would be OK there.

ANYWAY, i found The Goat Justice League, which is a pretty hilarious title in and of itself. I'm considering getting a T-shirt. I imagine a lot of cartoon goats saving people from burning buildings (but I think sitting in front of a computer so much is making me slightly crazy)... This website seems to be The Place to learn about keeping goats in a city environment. I've spent most of the morning trying to find information like this. There's tons of information about chickens but this is all I really came up with for goats. It looks like a thorough source, too, and should add greatly to my growing list of information.
In other news, I think my basement plant experiment is failing. I went the cheap route and bought a basil plant that was on sale and a natural light bulb from Walgreens. I put the plant on a table directly under a lamp, and I leave the light on while I'm at work. To ease my guilt about leaving a light on all day I unplug my computer.

However a large portion of the basil plant is wilting already, despite my efforts to check the soil, water it when it's dry, and add a few drops of plant food with the water. This has been a constant theme in my life... indoor plants die. I guess I should stick to the outdoor stuff. :/
I also found this Composting 101 website. I'm not sure why I didn't find it before, but it seems really great and comprehensive.

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