Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I finally finished digging up a portion of my yard yesterday. I think I'm going to transplant my poor basil plant... it is seriously unhappy in its present location (my desk) and it would be a shame if I killed yet ANOTHER indoor plant (what kind of a Community Garden Coordinator am I?!).

Anyway the pictures are before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I found this swell website called Mapwith.Us that lets you create maps for free (that are available to the public) when you sign up with an account (which I did!). I found it because one of the users had made a map of Portland Community Gardens. And then, of course, the logical next step was to search for a map of Idaho Community Gardens. It appears, through my search, that this sort of map doesn't exist. From the perspective of a geography major (oh wait, that's me!) who has some training in cartography, I see this as a challenge. It will be quite the undertaking, but I would like to make a map of Treasure Valley Community Gardens for people to refer to. And, if possible, I would also like to make a map of bait shops, nurseries, and landscaping companies. I will need to gather a LOT of data, however. As far as Community Gardens go, obviously I am visiting some of them, but I'm sure there are many that I will have to dig up (haha). However if anyone reading this has any information, PLEASE let me know! I think this could be a valuable resource. And anyway, maps are fun!

I am hungry already and it isn't even noon yet... I think it gets earlier every day.

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