Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Due to the nature of my previous posts, I'm sure anyone has a good idea of what I'll post here today....
Tonight is the FIRST EVER Interested Citizens Meeting, here at the Idaho Foodbank (3562 S TK Ave), off of Federal Way. It starts at 7, and as I am generally not a fan of long, structured meetings, it will be a short, casual affair with some food to munch on.
If you can't make it but would still like to help out or just have some thoughts, call me or send me an e-mail! My number is 208-336-9643 x 246 and my e-mail is I promise, I am listening to EVERYTHING! I want to hear what you want to say and what you have to do!

On another note, there's a blizzard back home in Minnesota happening right now. They're supposed to get over 2 feet of snow in my hometown! So what are we waiting for??? There's only 2 inches of snow in Boise, and it's not nearly as cold. I'll see YOU tonight!

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