Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Open Office Hours

This is a first (I think)... two posts in one day! But I think what I'm going to say is worth saying, despite any repetition.
As everyone (hopefully) knows, communication is important. And face-to-face versus e-mail or phone is invaluable.
Which is why I am now declaring Open Office Hours. If you want to talk to me, whether it's a question or an idea (I would love to hear your ideas!) or whatever else, just stop on by. Whenever, really. And if I'm not here, I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I know, I've been there... that's often an empty promise. But believe me when I say, I'm just as excited about this as you are (if not more so) and the integral part of community gardens is community involvement. So come and see me!
If you don't know where I am, the Idaho Foodbank is located at 3562 S TK Ave. That's off of Federal Way behind the Flying J. It's a huge warehouse with the Idaho Foodbank logo on the side, so it's pretty hard to miss.
And of course, there are the old stand-bys if you can't make it over here, communication through telephone (336-9643 x 246) or e-mail (bparham@idahofoodbank.org).
I am a firm believer in feedback and communication, and I stick to what I mean. Community Gardens of Idaho won't be known for its impossibility to get a hold of!
Talk to you soon!

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