Friday, February 5, 2010

Horseshoe Bend

Yesterday I headed out to Horseshoe Bend to take a look at some land. This certain piece of property, situated in a small farm on the banks of the Payette River, was particularly beautiful. The owners of land have offered it for use as a community garden.
As I learned yesterday, Horseshoe Bend is a town that desperately needs something like a community garden. Most of the residents in this small, rural community commute every day, which means that the town itself is left with almost nothing. They don't even have a grocery store. Tirza Cunningham, who is the president of the Horseshoe Bend Community Pantry, told me it very well: Horseshoe Bend is a small town with an inner-city problem. They rely almost entirely on convenience-store food.
It is my hope, that by coordinating with the landowners, Community Pantry, and residents of Horseshoe Bend, that we can get a garden started there this year. It will take a lot of work, but gardening always does. We have some things in our favor, though. We have some very committed, passionate individuals, and I am confident that if we work together, we can accomplish a lot by the next growing season.
On another note, the Horseshoe Bend Community Pantry doesn't even have a permanent location. At present they're camping out, quite literally, in a tiny shed on the Elementary School grounds. Come April, which is only a short time away, they have to relocate. Until they have a permanent location, so they told me, they can't become a partner of the Idaho Foodbank. And when you have a budget that is next to nothing, buying a property is out of the question.
My heart really went out to this community yesterday. I have found something that I think I can really help with in an area that really needs it.

Here we go!

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